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Welcome to My Blog!


Welcome to my blog! This site has gone through many iterations since 2006, but at its heart is me sharing observations about my journey through life: whether it’s real-life situations, movies, music, theology, comedy or a host of other areas and interests…

Ultimately, it’s Just me… a guy who loves Jesus, and seeks to love my neighbor as myself. My hope is that what you find here will help you in your pursuit of your purpose! God has placed dreams within you. The fulfillment of those dreams begin with knowing Him.

LIFE IS an ADVENTURE! Are you ready for the journey? Let’s go!

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At the beginning of 2016, I started G.P.S., a Motivational Series on Youtube and in February, I released my first mixtape, Pursuing Significance. Why did I do this? Because I love helping people pursue their purpose! Part of the reason is because I know how difficult it has been for me to discover and develop my talents and skill-sets in order to pursue the dreams that live within me!

As an author, speaker, filmmaker and interpersonal communications coach, I create experiences to help you overcome the fears in life that keep you paralyzed. Then you can turn obstacles into opportunities and move from where you are to where you need and want to be!

Everything I do here is to help you become the best you possible. Are you ready for the journey? Let’s go!

-Allen Paul Weaver III-