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We Love Mondays! 4/14/14

We Love Mondays!


Today I want to share a quote about reaching your dreams and aspirations. It’s from my book, MOVE! Your Destiny is Waiting on You.

“Dreams don’t happen just because we want them to happen. They happen when we work towards them and take advantage of opportunities that encourage their expression.” – MOVE! Your Destiny Is Waiting On You


We must do three things if we want to stand a chance at reaching our dreams:

1. We must have a vision about what we truly want in life. (The more detailed the better.)

2. We must work towards the dream. (Wishing alone won’t cut it.)

3. We must be willing to take reasonable risks towards opportunities for our dreams. (Our dreams don’t grow while we stay in our comfort zone.)



October is National Bullying Prevention and Awareness month and we must use this time to raise awareness about what happens all year longevery yearin our schools. Asher Brown and Phoebe Prince lost their lives to bullying. Because of the increased frequency of this type of tragic outcome, the official term is bullycide: when a person commits suicide because of bullying.

Im sure Asher and Phoebe are not the only youth to die within the past year, but their stories were covered by national media. So in a sense, they are the faces of a growing epidemic in our country. And their deaths beg the question: How many children have to die before we take bullying seriously?

Author on the Open Show

I had the opportunity to be interviewed (on 11/18/09) on the “Open” talk show, hosted by Daren Jaimes. It’s a local show on Bronxnet Community Television. We discussed my new book, Speedsuit Powers, and how it can help bring hope to urban youth. Here’s the update frommy Speedsuit Powers book website.

Speedsuit Powers releases Tuesday December 1, 2009. You can purchase your copy at Amazon.com

Speedsuit Powers First Copy

I am holding in my hands for the first time, the very first copy of my new book, Speedsuit Powers . It’s a teen fiction novel where the main character, Curtis, is the new kid at a new school dealing with bully issues. It releases this December. My prayer, hope and desire is that this book will help to positively impact urban youth culture. That it will inspire, motivate and educate youth to see their lives differently and make new choices (or stand by decisions they’ve already made) which lead to true and lasting success.

It’s been a long road to get to this point. But the adventure has been great! This story has lived within me for 10 years and – at the challenge of my friend Demetrius T. Veasy II and his manager – I began to write it down in April 2008. A year and a half later… and it’s finally done. Now everything REALLY begins.