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G.P.S. Motivational Series EP 8 – Overcoming Fear – Part 1

Fear is one of the main reasons most of us don’t move from where we are to where we need and want to be. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being under qualified. Fear of success. Fear of… (insert reason here.) But most of what we fear rarely happens. And if it did – with some thoughtful planning and execution – we could overcome the issue. Ultimately, overcoming our fear is about PERSPECTIVE.

Watch this short video from my G.P.S. Motivational Series which illustrates the point. Then ask yourself, “How can I change my perspective so I can get a grip on my fear?”

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Grand Central Station Altercation


So, I arrive at Grand Central Station this morning – on my way to work. Of course the place is packed due to the St. Patrick Parade. Law enforcement officers are out in force as well. As I make my way across the main floor, a guy three times my size steps into my path and body-checks me. At first I think maybe this guy is a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. So I turn to look at him and discover he’s a complete stranger.

“What’s your problem?” I ask him.

“What’s your F—– problem! he says back to me.

Overcoming the Fear Statistics

Fear is a top reason why people don’t MOVE from where they are to where they need and want to be. Fearis one of the top reasons why people refuse to take risks on new opportunities which can aid in their growth and development. What fears are paralyzing you?

Here are some statistics about fear which may help to put some things in perspective for you.According to the National Institute of Mental Health:

90% of the things we fear are considered to be insignificant issues

88% of the things we fear in relation to our health will not happen

74% of people fear public speaking

68% of people fear death

60% of the things feared will never take place

30.5% of people fear spiders

30% of the things we fear already happened in the past and can’t be changed

MY FOCUS WORD FOR 2013 (And Now For Life)


I read an amazing article by Alece Ronzino entitled, “It’s Not About Doing More: Choosing Your One Word for 2013.” The article is amazing for two main reasons.

1. Alece shares how shifting her focus from the New Years Resolutions (and other goal-action-checklist oriented drives which usually end in failure) to a single, ONE WORD perspective for the year has changed her life.

2. I had already “unofficially” began this process several weeks before reading this article.

In January, I watched an awesome video by Brendon Burchard where he raised the questions: “What will be your the area of focus for 2013? What will others know you for? What one thing will you zero in on and master?” After taking some time to consider his questions, my answer was this: “My area of focus for 2013 will be helping myself and others MOVE from where they are to where they need and want to be.”