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It’s Just Me

My Greatest Struggle 1

It’s just me…  LORD willing, I will turn 43 this year. And while I have been able to have a number of accomplishments behind my name, lately none of those things have mattered much. Perhaps, it’s a new phase I’m entering due to my age, which has necessitated a re-structuring of the priorities in my life. But I came to the conclusion a month-or-so ago that part of my identity was wrapped up in my accomplishments… and yes… even in my failures.

Sure, there are still things on my Bucket List I would love to do before I die; but part of me was becoming frustrated because they have yet to happen. There are cities and countries I want to visit, people I want to meet and things I want to create! But I realized it is not good to get wrapped up in the unseen future of what could be. Nor is it good to be wrapped up in ‘romanticizing’ what was. To do both or either is to live  at the expense of What Is.