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What Limits God?

Powerful Decision

Have you ever asked the question, “What limits God?”

Every now and then I listen to Joel Osteen. It’s not really intentional, but usually I am flipping through channels and come across his broadcast. And when this happens, many times what he is saying applies directly to something currently being experienced in my life.

This past Sunday night was no different. As Joel talked about having God’s favor IN THE MIDST of life’s storms, he uttered these words:

 “God is not limited by our conditions. He is limited by our thinking.”

These words hit me like a ton of bricks! And has been echoing through my soul ever since. How often do we look at the size and intensity of our circumstances and think they are too big for God to handle? But, when we read Scripture, we are repeatedly introduced to a God who is CAPABLE! God has no problem with being ABLE to change situations, circumstances and people.

What Would God Say to Batman?

(Written by Allen Paul Weaver III. Originally published on AUGUST 30, 2008.)

God and The Dark Knight

“I was there at your birth, Bruce. I watched you grow. I saw your fears as well as your strengths. I knew who your parents would be and gave you Alfred, knowing he would be loyal and supportive of you to the very end.

“I was there the night your parents were killed. For years you didn’t understand. I felt your rage as you constantly asked ‘why?’ But it was I who shielded you that night and every day afterward, knowing that countless others would need who you would become as a result of your dark journey through the shadows of death. I knew the little children who would be abused. I knew the wives who would be beaten by their husbands. I knew the sons and daughters who would be kidnapped. I knew the citizens who would live in fear because of the criminals that roamed the streets and corporate boardrooms.

The Dog Whisperer

Have you ever watched The Dog Whisperer ? It’s a facinating show! A family has a dog who doesn’t listen and acts up. In many cases the dog is the "boss" of the house. Then Ceasar Millan comes in and is able to connect with the dog, deal with the dog’s issues, explain to the owners what they’re doing right and wrong, walk them all through a time of rehabilitation and leaves the family (dog included) in a greater state of growth than before he came. It’s amazing to watch. It causes me to think about times past with my own dogs.

My Story

In my 34 years of life, I’ve had two dogs that captured my heart. Prince was half German Shepherd and Colie. I had him from the time I was born until I was 14. He had gotten so old and sick that we were going to take him to the vet to be put to sleep. He died the night before. I never thought I would ever love a dog like Prince again.

Are You Too Busy for God?

Are You Too Busy For God?
5 Simple Steps For Drawing Closer to God in a Fast-Paced World

I talk to a lot of people about what they do to strengthen their relationships with God. The response is usually the same: they have the desire, but don’t have the time. I’ve said this myself. We’re all so busy and by the time work is over we may be too tired to engage in the Bible. So, if things can’t be dropped from our schedules (like quit our jobs and move to a monestary) then we have to find some other option. Here are a couple of simple steps we can do to build a stronger relationship with God.

5 Easy Steps

1. The first thing I read in the morning is the Bible. When do I do this? On my commute to work.

God and Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

What does God have to do with the television show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Have you ever watched an episode? It’s addictive. You take a deserving family that has a run down house and has experienced some kind of tragedy.

Ty and the team of 10 come in and find out more about the family: the tragedy and the dreams; the likes and dislikes; the hopes and the fears. Ty has a way of getting to the issues of the heart and is able to draw out a strength that the family often doesn’t know is present. Then they plan a way to radically change their lives and get the community involved. This planworks bysending thefamilyaway on a vacation for a week, while their old house gets demolished and a new one is built – in 7 Days. But this is only possible if the family agrees to journey through the process. It’s an amazing show to watch.

If You Love Star Wars but Love God More…

Do You Love Star Wars, but Love God More?

Dick Staub’s book is Outstanding!
Dick Staub introduces a new term into the Christian Lexicon, through his book, Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters. The term ‘Jedi Christian’, in my opinion, seeks to recapture the aspect of Christianity that has been lost among the masses of a Popular and increasingly Technological Culture – that of awe, power and mysticism. The term becomes a lens by which we can view the truths of our Christian walk, and those truths are a lens by which we can view the world of the Jedi – making correlations and distinctions between fact and fiction, fantasy and reality and ultimate issues of eternal weights and measures – the prime issue being illuminated through aspects of Jedi lore… that the life of a genuine follower of Jesus Christ should be filled with awe, power and love. Then it is even in the mundane that miracles take place on a daily basis and when we encounter those situations and circumstances beyond human control… it is through Christ that we are no longer powerless.