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“Desperation” by Allen Paul Weaver III 

Here’s a piece I wrote back in 2007.  I think it may speak to where some people may feel themselves to be today.

“Desperation is what I feel… Somewhere deep inside I sense a longing, a desire to wake up from a dead dream long lived. I sense that a warrior dwells within my frame… a lover of truth and an explorer of realms unseen – my true self which had been locked away for so long, has been set free from the chains. And with each passing day I step through dark corridors of shadow and light – dust and darkness; somehow knowing that the doorway to complete freedom lingers in the distance, out of sight and just out of touch, yet drawing nearer… as the realization dawns on my mind like the morning sun; that deliverance was not my choice alone… For how can we know we are dreaming unless someone shakes us awake? The Creator of the Universe calls to me in quiet tones as my mind stirs and my eyes slowly open to blurred images receding into crystal clear hues of colors yet imagined, dwelling in a life meant to be lived.”

Do You Unplug?

Why Do People Unplug?

If you are seeking to live life to its fullest then this is a question for you.

Jesus gives the call in Luke chapter 9, verse 23: Then He said to [them] all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.”

In our daily lives, what causes us to unplug from God?  Why do we do it?  And how does that affect the outcome of our destiny when we do?

My Greatest Struggle…

This is my greatest struggle in life… to overcome mediocrity.

My Greatest Struggle 1

I feel myself constantly at the window of opportunity… able to look out but unable to fully break through.

On the other side of that window is an existence I have imagined my whole life – every day – every breath – every heartbeat…

Horizon_My Greatest Struggle

Even now as I write – tears fall from my eyes because I know the desire is strong to be free.

Because my greatest struggle beyond all fleshly vices and fears is mediocrity: working below my ability and knowing that the creativity and inspiration within me screams to break free. Yet somehow my mind has them locked in chains. The structures of thought enslaving them to a lesser degree.

My Greatest Struggle 2

I pray to God for the ability and knowhow to break free.