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A Lemon Story

"A Lemon Story…"
by: Allen Paul Weaver III

Once, there were two boys… from a place called ‘Little Town.’ They both had dreams and aspirations, but neither knew how they were going to reach their goals. They would often sit on the gravel path by the roadside, just on the median where the grass gave way to stone, and look up at the blue sky and talk about their dreams… Days would pass and they would talk… and talk… and talk… Sometimes they would make fun of each other when neither had a clue about how to make their dreams come true.

One day, a man came with a large bag of lemons and offered to give them some so they could start a lemonade stand. The boys were estatic as they watched the man bring from his bag 12 lemons for them. He gave one boy 11 lemons… and only gave the other boy 1. Then he went on his way.


“Desperation” by Allen Paul Weaver III 

Here’s a piece I wrote back in 2007.  I think it may speak to where some people may feel themselves to be today.

“Desperation is what I feel… Somewhere deep inside I sense a longing, a desire to wake up from a dead dream long lived. I sense that a warrior dwells within my frame… a lover of truth and an explorer of realms unseen – my true self which had been locked away for so long, has been set free from the chains. And with each passing day I step through dark corridors of shadow and light – dust and darkness; somehow knowing that the doorway to complete freedom lingers in the distance, out of sight and just out of touch, yet drawing nearer… as the realization dawns on my mind like the morning sun; that deliverance was not my choice alone… For how can we know we are dreaming unless someone shakes us awake? The Creator of the Universe calls to me in quiet tones as my mind stirs and my eyes slowly open to blurred images receding into crystal clear hues of colors yet imagined, dwelling in a life meant to be lived.”

What About Your Dreams?

What Dreams live inside of you?

Fight over sea

(Posted October 29, 2007)

As I walked into my place of employment and waited for the elevator… hesitation overtook me as the dreams that live inside of me suddenly swelled up in my mind. Where did this come from? “…Lord is it possible?” Everything seemed so far fetched from where I stood – almost too fantastic to ever come to pass. And what made it worse was that I was becoming afraid to believe them.

Moments passed as I determined to press through the fear and began to envision my dream home. It seems like years since I’ve done this. I’ve been so entangled in paying rent, bills and trying to break out of the rut of “check to check” living… One after the next – the days slip by. But in this moment – in my mind, the sunlight could be seen streaming through the windows into the living room as I walked out of the bedroom towards the kitchen.

Seeing is Reality

Did you know that seeing is reality?  Simply put, what you and I are able to see affects our perspective on life.  And how we act is based on how we perceive. How do you see your life?

Getting off the Train

Yesterday, I took the train into Grand Central Station and proceeded on my usual walk to catch the subway.  There’s a long tunnel that everyone has to walk through to get to the shuttle to Times Square/42nd St.  There’s usually various advertisements for different television shows on the wall.  But, this time there were only different versions of advertisements for the same show:  HEROES. 

You know the show that seems to be taking the world by storm.  (I’ll admit, I watch it too.)  It was HEROES as far as the eyes could see. The entire tunnel was plastered with gigantic posters of the characters – playing up the anticipated conflict between good and evil.  Each poster also had a reminder that the new season starts on September 22.

Investing in Your Dreams

Are you investing in your dreams? Here’s a personal story.

A Gift Card Dilemma

I was recently given a gift card – and what do we usually do when we receive a gift card? GO BUY OURSELVES A GIFT!!! As I was on the way to Best Buy to buy myself a DVD, I felt the LORD say “no.” I went anyway and spent at least twenty minutes looking through each section. The conviction was heavy on me not to buy, but I was determined. I held them in my hand, but the movies I wanted to buy, didn’t interest me at that moment. After some struggle I ended up conceding to the Holy Spirit and leaving WITHOUT buying anything. “Sorry Lord… What am I supposed to use this gift card for?”