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Wakanda Forever: Part 10

Wakanda Forever: Part 10 – Yes We Can!


So, here we are at the end of this 10-part movie review. My original intent was to write 1-3 posts on various issues Black Panther raises, but compulsion overtook me!

Why do I love this movie so much? What’s this sense of euphoria, this sense of excitement, possibility, hope and pride?  I had felt this before a few years back, but couldn’t nail down when exactly that was. It took a few days to mull it over and then it hit me while talking with my wife:


“The last time I felt like this was when Barack Obama ran for president the first time!”

That sense of ‘Yes We Can!’ was almost tangible. Before then, the political system seemed defunct. But when Obama ran, I felt like I was a part of a movement that was much bigger than me. My vote mattered. Change was possible.

A Call to Civility

A Call to Civility

I usually try not to speak about political issues… quite honestly, because of the potential backlash. The country seems so polarized on things. But this I must mention, because it grieves me tremendously.

Three Questions…

I want to ask three questions. Has anyone stopped to think about the President’s daughters? Has anyone stopped to think about America’s youth? Has anyone stopped to think about what message is sent when adults can’t act civility towards the person who holds the highest public office in our country?

An Example For Our Youth?

As American citizens exercise their freedom of speech… much has turned into freedom of cynicism and hate towards our president, Barack Obama. What does that say to youth, when their parents can’t respectfully disagree? What does it say to Sasha and Malia when they see their father being bullied, slandered and libeled by the media, political leaders and others?

Kevin Powell and Black Men in America

LAST NIGHT (Friday January 16th) I had the opportunity to hear Kevin Powell give a message on the topic, "Black Men in America: What Obama Means to Us." Mr. Powell was the Keynote Speaker for a quarterly men’s gathering which took place at the Bethesda Baptist Church of New Rochelle. Let me tell you… it was one powerful presentation! When he speaks, his humility, passion and intellect commands your attention.

For those of you who may not know, Kevin Powell is a multi-talented individual, working successfully in numerous areas revolving around Activism, Journalism, Business, Cultural Awareness, History, Politics and Entertainment. He’s also the author of several books, the latest being The Black Male handbook .

His speech impacted the men who were present and gave us a lot to consider. I thought about it all night and even went to sleep with it on my mind. When I woke up, my next action was clear – I had to write.

Now Is Not the Time to Stop

Now is Not the Time to Stop. As you already know, we have a new President: Barack Obama. I was actually away at meetings on November 4th and 5th and had limited access to television and the internet. (I voted at 6am on Tuesday, before going out of town.) So I heard about the results of the election, but I really didn’t get to experience them.

When I returned home on Wednesday – somewhat exhausted from the trip – I watched and recorded the 1 hour, special edition of World News Tonight, with Charles Gibson . It was amazing to view the recounting of events from around the country and responses from around the world.

We have a new President… the first African American ever. History has now been made, but now it’s time for it to grow. This is only the beginning, as the real work of preparing to lead the United States of America from where we presently are, to a higher level of integrity, financial security and a positive international impact starts.