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The Passing of Billy Graham

BillyGrahamYesterday, Rev. Billy Graham passed in his sleep at 99 years old. For many of us, this marked the end of an era. I have heard the name Billy Graham for most of my life. He was hailed as “America’s Pastor.” He has preached the gospel around the world telling all in attendance that Jesus Christ loves them and they need to surrender their lives to him.

Some question whether or not he did enough in the area of social justice. For one, he was an evangelist, not a pastor. The primary focus of an evangelist is always on the salvation of the human soul… of people having an encounter with the risen Christ. Some may argue that there are different social justice methods to be used to get people to that point. However, our greatest need as men and women is salvation. Social justice, while important to the quality of our earthly experience, is secondary. It’s not unimportant. It is just not the primary thing.