A compelling keynote address is a great way to increase anticipation for a successful conference or event. Allen’s presentations are inspirational, motivational and educational and will move your audience to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives. Allen customizes his talks to your specific needs to ensure all content and examples are engaging and impactful.


His central life message can be summed up by the title of his personal development book, ‘MOVE! Your Destiny Is Waiting On You.’ His core message is one that helps individuals understand their value, develop their potential, overcome their fears and maximize their opportunities so they can move towards a life of greater performance, success and significance.


In order to inspire, motivate, and educate audiences, Allen draws on 30+ years of personal and professional experience (including lessons learned while employed at Walt Disney World, Inc., Universal Orlando Resorts, Macy’s, and other companies in the hospitality/retail/customer service industry). He then combines his learnings with a contagious optimism for each person’s ability to change, grow and develop beyond their perceived limits! Allen openly shares his failures and victories, in a way that establishes a connection with his audience, because he knows they too face struggles while seeking to better their lives.

“We all have a life story that others can learn from. To not share what we have experienced would be a great disservice to those who are trying to navigate the world on their own.” – Allen Paul Weaver III

Allen’s message of ‘Moving from where you are to where you want and need to be’ can be tailored for any audience: school, church, university, non-profit, or corporate.



“Mr. Weaver was phenomenal as a guest speaker for the graduation of the participants for the Justice Community Program, The Fatherhood Initiative  and the Career Center. Mr. Weaver’s delivery was concise and his message of “You Matter” was poignant and relevant to the population he addressed. Participants and staff alike truly enjoyed his impactful message.” – Faatimah Croston, Internship Specialist, Justice Community, The Osborne Association, NY

Several presentations he offers are:

-LEAD WITH HOSPITALITY (Allen shares life lessons learned from working at: Walt Disney World Inc., Universal Orlando Resort, Media Play, Macy’s, and the ABS Atrium.)

-ENHANCE YOUR PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS (Allen helps individuals interested in increasing their interpersonal communication skills, whether for personal or professional use.)

– BECOMING NUMBER 1! (Allen discloses what it takes to be the BEST YOU CAN BE in life AND the number one thing that determines your level of success.)

– MOVE YOUR DESTINY! (A two-part presentation which examines how to Prepare & Move your life forward.)

– 7 TOOLS FOR SUCCESS (Highlighting 7 areas of a person’s life which must be developed in order to become successful and significant.)

– RUN YOUR DREAMS! (A two-part presentation which examines the Anatomy of a Dream, How to Pursue It & How to Overcome the Obstacles you will encounter along the way.)

– FAN THE FLAMES (Allen shares how to create and maintain momentum as you pursue your goals: Based on his journey as an author of five books.)

– BEHIND THE SPEEDSUIT (Allen shares his creative process for writing his Speedsuit Powers Trilogy and producing the independent film based off of Book 1.)

– THERE IS A BOOK IN YOU! (An interactive workshop to help writers navigate the process to become authors.)

– MOVING BEYOND BULLYING (Based on his article on discovering school bullying solutions that work for everyone.)




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  1. Hi Allen!

    Wonderful website! So many exciting things happening for you!

    It was great to reconnect with you at the New Roar meeting.

    I would love to meet in town and chat about some projects in our community.

    Warm Regards,
    Nicole Alifante

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