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If You Love Star Wars but Love God More…

Do You Love Star Wars, but Love God More?

Dick Staub’s book is Outstanding!
Dick Staub introduces a new term into the Christian Lexicon, through his book, Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters. The term ‘Jedi Christian’, in my opinion, seeks to recapture the aspect of Christianity that has been lost among the masses of a Popular and increasingly Technological Culture – that of awe, power and mysticism. The term becomes a lens by which we can view the truths of our Christian walk, and those truths are a lens by which we can view the world of the Jedi – making correlations and distinctions between fact and fiction, fantasy and reality and ultimate issues of eternal weights and measures – the prime issue being illuminated through aspects of Jedi lore… that the life of a genuine follower of Jesus Christ should be filled with awe, power and love. Then it is even in the mundane that miracles take place on a daily basis and when we encounter those situations and circumstances beyond human control… it is through Christ that we are no longer powerless.

A Subway Train Lesson

It’s amazing how you can learn or be reminded of something in the most unexpected places.  I was waiting for the #2 train at the 72nd Street subway on Tuesday (12/12/06) when I got into a conversation with a woman because I had picked up some food that I had dropped and threw it in the garbage.
“Was that your trash?” she asked in astonishment.
“Yes.” I responded.
“Wow!  You’re like the only perosn left in the world who would pick that up.  It was so small you could have kicked it down onto the tracks.”
“Yeah, but I didn’t want to add to the trash that’s already down there.”
She looked at me with a hint of disbelief.
“You’re not from New York are you?”
“No. But I’ve been in New York since I was 5 years old.”
“Oh…” She replied.
“Are you a native from here?”  I asked.
“Where are you from?”
“I’m… I live in the Bronx.”  She seemed a little uncomfortable.
“I live in the Bronx too… Why did you hesitate?”
“Because people tend to think because someone is from a certain place that they automatically act a certain way – and that’s not always the case.”
“Yeah.  You’re right about that.”
“Just look at the Williams Sisters who play tennis.  They’re from a rough part of California but look at them now.”
“Yeah.  It pays to work hard, pray and do the right thing.”
“Oh yes.  You’ve got to pray.” She replied.
“It doesn’t matter where you come from, who your parents are or how much money you have… you don’t have to let these things limit who you are becoming.”
She smiled and agreed and here, at this moment, we had shared in a lesson… being reminded that the small things matter – small changes and disciplines make a major difference and our end can be better than our beginning.

1.4 Million Get a Virtual Life: What do you think?

Before you can respond on this blog, you need to read the article on my site entitled, Faith and Culture: 1.4 Million Get a Virtual Life.  I read it orginally on Dick Staub’s website (who linked it from The Chicago Tribune) and added it to my site.

This article raises a bunch of issues and I’m eager to have discussion about it.  I’ll kick it off with these thoughts: 

Is this life imitating art or art imitating life or is it a cycle?  By creating the computer… this act(among others) ultimately led to the Wachowski Brothers creating The Matrix movie… which leads to the creation of this virtual site and others similar to it, which will lead to more advanced virtual sites?  Through all of our scientific and technological advancements – are we paving the way to give birth to The Matrix for real? 

Doing Away with the Jedi Code?

What do you think about the Jedi Code?  Should we do away with it?  I am a Star Wars fan.  I can remember standing in a long line with my dad that stretched around the corner when Return of the Jedi was first released.  And I often tend to make correlations between stories and real life… after all, as John Eldredge keenly points out, our life is in essence a story – in fact our stories are part of a much greater and larger story.  So take this multi-connected journey with me and let me know what you think.