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Happy Birthday!

birthday cakeToday is my birthday. I am now 33 years old. One of the members at my church replied when I told her, “Oh, the same age as Jesus.” Well… Jesus was 33 when he was crucified… ouch. But it was only three days later when he was resurrected! So I guess things can’t be all bad. 🙂
Actually, things aren’t bad at all. Is there pressure? Sure. Am I a little stressed out? Yeah. Could I use a little more money? How about a lot more? A new car would be nice and to finally pay off my student loans… But things aren’t bad because I am reminded that God is with me. So that means everyday that I wake up and see the morning and can get out of bed and can move and think and eat and so on… is a GOOD DAY!

When Others die…

Over the past three weeks, five people that I personally know have died. One person died in the arms of their spouse.
I don’t even know what to say to people – all the prefabricated answers don’t make sense – so I just show my presence, listen and pray.

There’s nothing like the death of a loved one to make you begin to consider the value of your life. Are we doing all we can with the life we’ve been given?

I want to share a poem with you, from my book, which speaks to this very issue.

All I Can?

Am I doing all I can?
This question comes to mind at night.
Am I doing all I can?
To touch lives and make the world go right.
Am I doing all I can?
As I wander down this path called life.

What In the World is Going On With MEN? Part One

Chaotic ManWhat in the world is going on with MEN? I get this question periodically from both men and women, who are trying to gain understanding concerning the struggle that men face. Just recently, a leader of a men’s group asked what my thoughts were on this subject. Then this morning, I read through Phil Cooke’s blog site (like I do almost every day) and there was a post raising the question about what is going on with Baptist Ministers and Christian leaders who are having clashes with the authorities, being exposed for unethical activities and in some cases being killed by their spouses for various reasons.

What in the world is going on with MEN? I know women are struggling in life as well and I do not want to minimize this fact, however there is something going on with men, that doesn’t seem to be often talked about; and when it is, somehow the discussion doesn’t seem to last very long.

When We Die…

Whether we agreed with them or not, there is no denying their influence. With the recent passing of two individuals from our society, who both inherited and left a legacy – Yolanda King and Jerry Falwell – how are we to live? What will be the legacy we leave behind if we dropped dead as they did? Perhaps you think this language is a bit unsettling… and I do not seek to diminish their deaths in any way. However, the stark reality is that everyday thousands die. One day, we will be included in that number. So, as we think about death our thoughts should be informed about how we are to live… now. What is our focus? How do we break out of the moment and live for something greater than ourselves?

Legacy is defined as: A gift of personal property by will.

More Than Words…

More Than Words…

One day you will forget what I say… But you will remember what I do

One day the message of my lips will pass away… however the actions of my physical frame will remain.

That day could be tomorrow or the next… when you move from my words to the next great thing which catches your eye.

Because one day I will die… and you may say good things for my eulogy or you will bring ridicule – but you will mostly remember me…

Summed up somewhat by my words… but mostly by my actions.

Because my words give rise to what may be living in my heart… but it’s so easy to fake things these days.

Even so, what can’t be faked is what truly is at stake – how do my actions line up with what I say?

Be the Change…

Be The Change…

Cover Image

Today, I discoverd the story of an amazing young man. He’s 15 years old and is seriously working to change the world by abolishing modern day slavery. His name is Zack Hunter and he is the author of the book, Be the Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World.

When I heard about his story I immediately called the nearest bookstore and had them hold a copy. Then I braved the hard rain (without an umbrella) to go and purchase it. I haven’t read it yet, but just the thought of a 15 year old being determined to make a difference in the world (not to mention he was interviewed by CNN, ABC’s Good Morning America, and CBN) blows my mind. He’s already spoken before hundreds and thousands of people about the issue of modern day international slave trafficing.

A World Without Comic Books

JlA Roster (Picture from Wikipedia article on the Justice League)

What would the world be like without comic books?

Does the world need comic book superheroes? I know what you are thinking… “Superheroes? You mean like the men and women in tights and capes?” Yes, but not all wear capes. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Icon & Rocket, Spiderman, Static, Captain America, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Hardware, The Hulk and all the hundreds and thousands of others. Does the world need comic book superheroes? You may be thinking that “comics are for kids.” Maybe on some level comics are for kids, but they are written by adults and often deal with very serious issues that pertain to the totality of society. Major Blockbuster movies are now based on comic book superheroes – Spiderman (1,2,3), X-Men (1,2,3), Superman Returns, Batman Begins, Fantastic Four (1,2)… and the list continues to some movies that didn’t do too well (Daredevil, Elecktra, The Punisher, Ghost Rider…)