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5 Steps to Overcome Fear

Here is a video that I recorded which shares 5 steps to overcoming fear. What are you afraid of?

I did this video in response to a challenge presented by Brendon Burchard. The challenge was to create a short video that shared ‘5 steps to _____’ and provided content that would be valuable to the viewer. I chose to do a video about overcoming fear. This challenge really helped to push me one more step beyond my comfort zone and also helped me realize some new possibilities.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

-Allen Paul Weaver III

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Personal Development Coincidence?

Is there such a thing as coincidence?
This morning I was listening to music on my ipod during my commute to work. As I went to put a song on repeat I accidentally hit “shuffle”. A new song came on. In trying to turn off “shuffle” I accidentally hit it again. What came up was an 11 minute talk from Jim Rohn, an expert on personal development. I had gotten his audio from a CD in Success magazine about a year ago.

It had been months since I listened to this message and I forgot that I had it. But as soon as it started playing I knew it was exactly what I needed to hear right now.

Is there such a thing as coincidence?

The Tinkering School

I just watched an amazing video on  It’s about Gever Tulley,s Tinkering School.  It seems like an excellent way to unleash creativity and problem solving.  This definitely helps a person see the world from a different point of view: a solution-based perspective instead of a problem-based one.

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more I want to create things.  I have ideas that have lived with me since I was a boy – inventive ideas that won’t leave.  I need to create.  I think we all – in various ways – need to create.  God is the Master Creative Artist and humanity was made in God’s image… we are creators.  But so many of us choose the status quo of ‘trying to make ends meet’ and ‘keeping where it’s safe and predictable’, instead of venturing out into a truly creative realm.

What Major Desires Move You?

What major desires live within you?

I’ll be 35 years old next month – if I live to see July 27th.  I’m amazed at the fact that I’ve been around on this planet for over three decades.  What amazes me most is that over 15 years ago – fresh out of high school - I attempted suicide – feeling that there was no future worth me waiting for.  But God is merciful, because I’m still be here when so many others have succeeded in taking their own lives.  So I can’t take any credit for that. I’m so grateful for the life I’m living. It’s not free from problems, but it is fulfilling and beyond my limited dreams.

So, I was thinking about my life today, and the realization hit me: there are four desires that have never changed.

1. I’ve always wanted to know God and what He requires of me (PURPOSE).

It’s been a long time…

A friend of mine emailed to check and see if I was doing alright.  They had stopped by this blog and saw I hadn’t written in a while.  I’m glad she did. It has been a while since my last post.

Things have been moving so fast and I’ve been balancing a lot: work, church, revisions and concept art for my new book, Speedsuit Powers (releases this Fall).  I’m also reading Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Teen’s Guide to High School Success , by Dr. Sharnnia Artis .  It’s a great read and is an excellent resource for teens transitioning from middle school to high school.

I’m also teaching a Wednesday night Bible study series at Bethesda Baptist Church of New Rochelle, NY.  The topic of discussion is: PURPOSE.  We’ve had a great time so far, since the first Wednesday in May.

Helping Our Young Black Men-Part 3

Helping Our Young Black Men-Part 3

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I had the opportunity to meet a young black male over the weekend while I was in California at the 168 Hour Film Festival .  His name was LaMar and he was 15 years old.  What struck me immediately was that when his grandmother introduced us to one another, he looked me straight in the eyes, gave me a firm handshake and called me ‘Sir’.  "Did he just call me, Sir?"  When he did these things, I immediately thought to myself, "Now this young man has been given some real training."

A Positive Attitude…

Helping Our Young Black Men – Part 2

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Any time I’m out in the community the question is often in my mind, how can we help our young black men? Just over a month ago I was on the shuttle between Grand Central Station and 42nd Street and Times Square.  A young black male got on the train, dressed like he was going to an interview.  He had an apple pie from McDonald’s, which he proceeded to eat.  When he was done, he threw the box and bag on the floor underneath his seat.

I quietly got his attention and asked him why he did that and told him that there’s a garbage can available just outside of the train’s door.  He looked at me and apologized for throwing it down on the floor, but would not pick it up.  When the train stopped, he got up and I picked up the trash and threw it in the garbage can that was no more than six feet from the train door.