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Pentagon’s Experimental ‘4 Minute Mile’ Jetpack

My friend Frank sent me an article, back in September, about an experimental jetpack being created to enable soldiers to run faster. When he told me about it, he said, “It looks like someone’s been reading your novel, Speedsuit Powers.” You can read the article here:


Now, I don’t know if someone at DARPA or at Arizona State University has actually read my novel. However, considering that my protagonist, Curtis Powers creates a jet-powered suit that enables him to run at incredible speeds, it’s not a stretch that perhaps someone has read the novel or watched my independent film adaptation, Speedsuit (or at least heard of them).


If you didn’t already know: Speedsuit Powers is a trilogy. And if everything goes according to plan, the second book will launch in February 2015. Interestingly, in Book 2, one of the issues that is raised is whether Curtis’ inventions should be used for military use. (Book 2 will also address issues like: school bullying, fatherlessness, and decision making.)

We Love Mondays! 4/14/14

We Love Mondays!


Today I want to share a quote about reaching your dreams and aspirations. It’s from my book, MOVE! Your Destiny is Waiting on You.

“Dreams don’t happen just because we want them to happen. They happen when we work towards them and take advantage of opportunities that encourage their expression.” – MOVE! Your Destiny Is Waiting On You


We must do three things if we want to stand a chance at reaching our dreams:

1. We must have a vision about what we truly want in life. (The more detailed the better.)

2. We must work towards the dream. (Wishing alone won’t cut it.)

3. We must be willing to take reasonable risks towards opportunities for our dreams. (Our dreams don’t grow while we stay in our comfort zone.)


Watch Speedsuit Movie Free Online

Thanks to everyone who watched my film online during the Christmas 2013 break. We had over 400 views in 3 weeks! Due to recent inquiries, I have made the film public again. It will remain so at least until Speedsuit Powers: Book 2 releases in the Fall 2014.

You can watch the film in “couch mode” (bigger screen image) on Vimeo by clicking on the link below.

Or, you can watch the film here on my site, by clicking on the SPEEDSUIT MOVIE PAGE.

-Allen Paul Weaver III-

The Loss of Dwayne McDuffie

I mentioned on my Facebook page that I recently “accidentally” found out about the untimelyloss of writer, artist, producer Dwayne McDuffie – one of the founders of Milestone Media. He was only 49 years old. Even though he has worked in various capacities for Marvel and DC comics, I mention Milestone Media first because that’s when I discovered him.



October is National Bullying Prevention and Awareness month and we must use this time to raise awareness about what happens all year longevery yearin our schools. Asher Brown and Phoebe Prince lost their lives to bullying. Because of the increased frequency of this type of tragic outcome, the official term is bullycide: when a person commits suicide because of bullying.

Im sure Asher and Phoebe are not the only youth to die within the past year, but their stories were covered by national media. So in a sense, they are the faces of a growing epidemic in our country. And their deaths beg the question: How many children have to die before we take bullying seriously?