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Following Jesus in a Social Media Age

Jesus Follow Me Twitter









A few years back I came across this meme on the Internet. A young man was sitting on a park bench next to Jesus. The caption read, “No, I’m not talking about Twitter… I literally want you to follow Me.” I laughed at that image. However, it is so telling about the times in which we live.

What does it mean to follow Jesus today in our Twitter /Facebook /YouTube /Instagram Age? Social media has radically redefined “follow me” to mean a person can “like” what someone else says and does without having to change their own life. We can sit at our computer or cell phone screens and decide to be involved in someone’s social media post a little or a lot.  We choose the level of buy in. We decide how much we want to follow someone. We make “following someone” fit within the framework of our own agenda.

Pentagon’s Experimental ‘4 Minute Mile’ Jetpack

My friend Frank sent me an article, back in September, about an experimental jetpack being created to enable soldiers to run faster. When he told me about it, he said, “It looks like someone’s been reading your novel, Speedsuit Powers.” You can read the article here:


Now, I don’t know if someone at DARPA or at Arizona State University has actually read my novel. However, considering that my protagonist, Curtis Powers creates a jet-powered suit that enables him to run at incredible speeds, it’s not a stretch that perhaps someone has read the novel or watched my independent film adaptation, Speedsuit (or at least heard of them).


If you didn’t already know: Speedsuit Powers is a trilogy. And if everything goes according to plan, the second book will launch in February 2015. Interestingly, in Book 2, one of the issues that is raised is whether Curtis’ inventions should be used for military use. (Book 2 will also address issues like: school bullying, fatherlessness, and decision making.)

What Would God Say to Batman?

(Written by Allen Paul Weaver III. Originally published on AUGUST 30, 2008.)

God and The Dark Knight

“I was there at your birth, Bruce. I watched you grow. I saw your fears as well as your strengths. I knew who your parents would be and gave you Alfred, knowing he would be loyal and supportive of you to the very end.

“I was there the night your parents were killed. For years you didn’t understand. I felt your rage as you constantly asked ‘why?’ But it was I who shielded you that night and every day afterward, knowing that countless others would need who you would become as a result of your dark journey through the shadows of death. I knew the little children who would be abused. I knew the wives who would be beaten by their husbands. I knew the sons and daughters who would be kidnapped. I knew the citizens who would live in fear because of the criminals that roamed the streets and corporate boardrooms.

Be A Punctuation Genius!


It doesn’t take a genius to mess up punctuation and grammar. But you can look like a genius by using them correctly…

It’s Wednesday April 15, 2009 and I’m sitting on a plane flying from New York to Texas: four months before Speedsuit Powers, my new book, is slated to be released (August 2009). And right now, I’m reading through a book my wife gave me on punctuation and grammar (she’s a reading and language arts teacher).

Images from my 7th grade english class play in my mind: I can see and hear Ms. Evans (a short woman in her 50’s-60’s with blond hair, tanned skin and a voice that was a cross between Bette Middler and Joan Rivers) teach the class about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs… you get the picture. I also remember so clearly that the more she moved into deeper territories-like dependent and independent clauses-the more my brain checked out. “Why do I need to know these? My writing is decent already.”

Helping Our Young Black Men-Part 3

Helping Our Young Black Men-Part 3

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I had the opportunity to meet a young black male over the weekend while I was in California at the 168 Hour Film Festival . His name was LaMar and he was 15 years old. What struck me immediately was that whenhis grandmother introduced us to one another, he looked me straight in the eyes, gave me a firm handshake and called me ‘Sir’. "Did he just call me, Sir?" When he did these things, I immediately thought to myself, "Now this young man has been given some real training."

A Positive Attitude…

Insights To Success in 2009

As we enter 2009 , all of us are concerned about the economy, making ends meet, being successful and living a meaningful existence. Weve seen the news stories about those whove lost their jobs, their homes and their savings; and we either fall into this category ourselves or know someone who does. Many of us are anxious about a future that seems uncertain, but I believe that the future is in fact certain we just need eyes to see and ears to hear in order to take advantage of the opportunities that stand before us. My life is far from perfect and sometimes I get anxious too, so Ive been pondering my own existence, making observations and looking to the Bible for guidance. Here are five things to consider as we seek to press forward in 2009.


The Dog Whisperer

Have you ever watched The Dog Whisperer ? It’s a facinating show! A family has a dog who doesn’t listen and acts up. In many cases the dog is the "boss" of the house. Then Ceasar Millan comes in and is able to connect with the dog, deal with the dog’s issues, explain to the owners what they’re doing right and wrong, walk them all through a time of rehabilitation and leaves the family (dog included) in a greater state of growth than before he came. It’s amazing to watch. It causes me to think about times past with my own dogs.

My Story

In my 34 years of life, I’ve had two dogs that captured my heart. Prince was half German Shepherd and Colie. I had him from the time I was born until I was 14. He had gotten so old and sick that we were going to take him to the vet to be put to sleep. He died the night before. I never thought I would ever love a dog like Prince again.