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Black Panther Movie Themes Review Series



Over the past two weeks, I have written 10 blog posts which review a number of themes from the Disney-Marvel Studios movie, Black Panther, which just released on February 16, 2018.

This 10-part review collection is called, Wakanda Forever! Below are the links to each post so you can easily access them all in one place.

Feel free to share your thoughts and insights on the film and how they relate to these posts.

Wakanda Forever: Part 1: What Our Generation Needs

Wakanda Forever: Part 2: Black is Beautiful

Wakanda Forever: Part 3: The Tragedy of Disconnection

Wakanda Forever: Part 4: What Could Have Been…

Wakanda Forever: Part 5: Strong Women

Wakanda Forever: Part 6: Ancestor Worship and the Bible

Wakanda Forever: Part 7: Systemic Oppression in America

The Passing of Billy Graham

BillyGrahamYesterday, Rev. Billy Graham passed in his sleep at 99 years old. For many of us, this marked the end of an era. I have heard the name Billy Graham for most of my life. He was hailed as “America’s Pastor.” He has preached the gospel around the world telling all in attendance that Jesus Christ loves them and they need to surrender their lives to him.

Some question whether or not he did enough in the area of social justice. For one, he was an evangelist, not a pastor. The primary focus of an evangelist is always on the salvation of the human soul… of people having an encounter with the risen Christ. Some may argue that there are different social justice methods to be used to get people to that point. However, our greatest need as men and women is salvation. Social justice, while important to the quality of our earthly experience, is secondary. It’s not unimportant. It is just not the primary thing.

Speedsuit Powers Trilogy


My Speedsuit Powers Trilogy is now complete! Book Three released on December 8, 2016. And you can check out the brand new website at:

This trilogy continues to be a MAJOR UNDERTAKING that has lasted over 8 years (that’s just since Book One was released.) I had the initial concept for about 14 years.


If you would like to help me do that, please visit:

-Allen Paul Weaver III-

Speedsuit Powers Books 1 and 2

Speedsuit Powers Trilogy: Books 1 and 2. Available on

Speedsuit Powers Trilogy: Books 1 and 2. Available on






If you are looking for a great story to read… look no further. Books 1 and 2 of the SPEEDSUIT POWERS TRILOGY are currently available on Read the description below. Book 3 will release April 2016.


This trilogy is a character-driven epic urban adventure story with a super-heroic element. It follows Curtis Powers (protagonist) and Treyshawn Jinkins (antagonist) as they try to navigate life without their fathers. Curtis’ dad is deceased. Treyshawn’s father is in prison. Though the boys start out as enemies, they eventually become friends. It is the power of their friendship that helps them accomplish more than they ever could achieve alone.

Speedsuit Powers Fantasy Meets Reality

In last week’s blog post, I talked about the Pentagon working with Arizona State University to create a jetpack to enable soldiers to run faster, and how that ties into my Speedsuit Powers novels.


My Speedsuit Powers Trilogy is one-part fantasy and one-part reality. It’s funny how when I was a child/teen, some ‘well-meaning’ adults would try and discourage my fantasy drawings. I would spend time thinking of what it would be like to have either super powers or technology that would allow me to do things beyond normal human physical capacity. (Thank you Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, Bionic Six, Super Friends, He-Man, G.I. Joe, SpiderMan, Iron Man, The Flash, Superman, Batman!) Oh, to fly! Oh, to run fast! Oh, to be bullet proof! I inherited my love of science and science-fiction from my father. And what a tremendous gift it has been!

Pentagon’s Experimental ‘4 Minute Mile’ Jetpack

My friend Frank sent me an article, back in September, about an experimental jetpack being created to enable soldiers to run faster. When he told me about it, he said, “It looks like someone’s been reading your novel, Speedsuit Powers.” You can read the article here:


Now, I don’t know if someone at DARPA or at Arizona State University has actually read my novel. However, considering that my protagonist, Curtis Powers creates a jet-powered suit that enables him to run at incredible speeds, it’s not a stretch that perhaps someone has read the novel or watched my independent film adaptation, Speedsuit (or at least heard of them).


If you didn’t already know: Speedsuit Powers is a trilogy. And if everything goes according to plan, the second book will launch in February 2015. Interestingly, in Book 2, one of the issues that is raised is whether Curtis’ inventions should be used for military use. (Book 2 will also address issues like: school bullying, fatherlessness, and decision making.)