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“Risk and Opportunity”

 ”Sometimes the scariest risks can be the greatest opportunities.”

So I’m walking down a street in Manhattan and run into a major moviestar sitting on a park bench.  I’m in awe for two reasons: 1) he’s sitting right in front of me.  2)my wife and I saw him at the airport back in August.  I was too afraid to ask for his autograph and too absent minded to give him a copy of my book I had just published.  Talk about regret.

So here I was a second time, standing in front of the same actor, with a big camera hanging around my neck.  I wanted to take a picture – I mean who wouldn’t – but at that moment it just didn’t feel right.  I felt like if I did, I’d be like the paparazi – as my friend Andrew Seltz said, ”they don’t add anything to the celebrity’s life.  They’re like parasites, hijacking a person’s fame for a dollar.”  So I asked to shake his hand and said “God bless you.”  He seemed to appreciate my gesture.  That mental image is worth more than a digital photograph on my screensaver.