Allen Paul Weaver III is an Artist, Preacher and Writer. He is dedicated to helping people grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ and discovering his will, purpose and dreams for their lives. For over a decade, Allen’s published books, preaching, speaking engagements, workshops, and film work has helped many to:

–Grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

– Affirm the value of their personal life story.

– Discover their God-given gifts and talents.

– Overcome the fears which paralyze their daily decision making.

– Engage in Big Picture thinking.

– Take calculated risks towards their God-given purpose.

– Transform obstacles into opportunities.

– Pursue the deep dreams that live within them.


Allen is a graduate of Bethune-Cookman University; holding a BA. degree in Speech/Mass Communications. He is also a graduate of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School; holding an MDiv. degree in theology.


Allen knows what it’s like to suffer with low self-esteem, a pessimistic mindset, and unfulfilled dreams. It was on a warm night in July 1992, a month after graduating from high school, when he attempted suicide after feeling he had no future. But God intervened in a powerful way and slowly began to reveal His plan for Allen’s life. While in college, Allen shared his story of attempted suicide on several occasions. Two fellow students who were seriously contemplating suicide, chose not to take their lives as a result. While in college, Allen also accepted the call to preach and discovered unknown talents in speech communications and television production.


In the spring of 1995, after meeting a newly published author at his school’s communications conference, Allen was inspired to write his first book. At this point his life purpose became clear: To use all of his skills, gifts and talents to inspire, motivate and educate others towards their God-given purpose. However, this clarity did not yield an obstacle-free journey towards actualizing his dreams. For the next eleven years, while he pursued his graduate degree, worked to impact the lives of youth, got married, and finished his first book, Allen continued to battle with self doubt and other personal fears and insecurities.

Despite his fears, Allen began to pursue his writing, speaking and filmmaking passions. Part of overcoming his fears came from a repeat opportunity to serve as a documentary filmmaker in West Africa for a humanitarian-aid organization from 2003-2010.


Allen has published seven books and two workbooks: (so far)

*Resurrection: The BIG Picture of God’s Purpose and Your Destiny (2019), a Christian Living book designed to help readers understand the grand narrative and central focus of the Bible.

*Flight: A Speedsuit Powers Story (2018), the first novel in the Speedsuit Powers Expanded Universe. It begins 3 years after the trilogy ends.

*Speedsuit Powers: Book 3 (2016), the third novel in the epic young adult trilogy.

*Enhancing Your Public Speaking Skills (2015), a workbook to help you improve your interpersonal communication skills. (Available with EYPSS workshop.)

*Speedsuit Powers: Book 2 (2015), the second novel in the epic young adult trilogy.

*There is a Book in You! (2014), a workbook to help writers improve their craft and become authors. (Available with TIABIY workshop.)

*MOVE! Your Destiny Is Waiting On You (2013), a personal development book designed to help readers discover their talents, overcome their fears, and maximize opportunities.

*Speedsuit Powers: Book 1 (2009), the young adult school bullying novel has been hailed by readers as an “epic urban adventure story.”

*Transition: Breaking Through the Barriers (2006), an anthology chronicling his journey from adolescence to adulthood.


As an Artist & Filmmaker, in 2011, Allen adapted his Speedsuit Powers: Book 1 novel into his first independent feature film, Speedsuit. This was no small task. As the writer, storyboard artist, musical composer, director of photography and director, he worked with his co-producer/casting director/co-director, Monique Lisa and a small team of committed cast and crew to bring his literary vision to life. 14 private screenings were held to large audiences in 2012 – receiving critical praise from youth, parents, community leaders, educators and entertainment professionals.


Allen has also released his first motivational mixtape entitled, Pursuing Significance. Each track (layered with music) is an excerpt from one of his speaking engagements, where Allen shares life lessons and biblical truths.

Allen speaks to large and small audiences at churches, schools and corporate environments, and facilitates workshops at leadership, youth and young adult conferences.


In 2007, one of Allen’s personal dreams came true when he was invited to speak for a communications conference at his alma mater, Bethune-Cookman University. It was an opportunity to inspire college students in the very building where he – as a college student – was inspired years before!

Even though we encounter obstacles and fears in life, Allen believes with God’s strength and guidance, the right perspective, proper follow through, and consistency, we can press through and overcome any adversity.


Allen enjoys drawing, writing, producing short films, vertical wind tunnel flying, innovating new ideas, and traveling with his wife. He and his wife have one amazing son. To date, he has traveled across the United States, to 7 African countries, China and Europe. He is currently working on five additional book manuscripts for publication. Allen is quick to say, “If I had it my way-with my limited sight- I would have been dead long ago. But now, by THE GRACE OF GOD, I’m here making a difference in the lives of others. My life isn’t perfect, but it is beyond anything I ever imagined for myself. I am thankful to Jesus Christ for this opportunity to experience life.”

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Artist. Preacher. Writer.