Writing During Covid-19

With everything going on in the world, I must admit that I lost the desire to write any more books. I didn’t see the relevance while those I knew and total strangers were dying from Covid-19. There were so many other things to be concerned about… so many people in desperate need. 

However, God began to impress upon my heart that he still had more for me to write… and that now more than ever, as many were slipping away into eternity and the rest of us were left to grapple with our own mortality, the books he wanted me to write were needed more than ever. So, I pushed fear aside and got back to work using this gift he has given me.

I am grateful to share that I’ve written a new book and revised my previous one. Both will help readers understand who Jesus is and why his life, crucifixion and resurrection matter–especially in the times in which we now live. “Resurrection: The BIG Picture of God’s Purpose and Your Destiny” and “The Resurrection Life: A 40 Day Journey with Jesus” are available on Amazon.com.  They  are $10.00 each.  

Prayerfully, these are the first two of a 4-part in-depth series… Each is a stand-alone book that serves as a companion to the others and helps to “connect the dots” of Scripture. My prayer is that you will be blessed to know Christ more as you read them. The Resurrection of Jesus really does change EVERYTHING!

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