God Has A Plan For You…

Most of us have heard the words, "God has a plan for you."  Well, they are more than words.  It is true that God has a plan for each one of us.  The question is whether or not we want that plan.

Many of us have been told that, "God wants us to prosper."  Well, this is true as well.  The question is whether or not our definition of prosperity is the same as God’s definition.

Let me tell you that what God has for you – the plan – the dreams – the desires that have been in His mind even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb… will be totally different from what YOU will want to do with your life.  The plans God has for you will involve difficulty, uncomfortable times and circumstance, obstacles, rejection, misunderstanding, persecution and maybe even death.

However, the plans God has for you will also be WAY BEYOND anything you would have EVER thought for yourself!  They will be the MOST FULFILLING at the very core of your being and they will be the most rewarding in the area of transformation and peace – not just for you alone – but for the lives of those God sends you to touch.

You and I have a choice to make…  While others run full steam ahead with their own plans, disregarding God’s concern about their future as they pursue their own ideas about their destinies – we have to ask ourselves, "Is this what God would have me to do?"

It would be – literally a crying shame – to come to the end of our life and stand before THE ALMIGHTY GOD and discover that His plans for us, His desires for our existence, His dreams for our life – were ignored by our small and limited minds and hearts.

It would be a dark eternity to discover the frivolty of our ways – that we spent all of our existence in wasted pursuits of things that don’t matter; while the ONE THING THAT MATTERS MOST went neglected.

Jesus Christ…

God has a plan for you… and at the center of all of the activity and journeys through our day to day adventure is the Son of God who sacrificed His life to save the entire human race – who are completely incapable of saving themselves – from themselves – from their sin – and from the devil.  And just like we have to choose about what we want in life… we also have to choose whether we want Christ – and not on our terms, but on His.

Jesus asks the question, "What good is it to gain the whole world, and lose your soul?"

Your soul is your most precious commodity – the greatest thing you possess… and the greatest thing you can lose.  And once this life is done, all travel arrangements are fixed – with only two destinations: Heaven and Hell.

God has a plan for you and that plan starts and begins with what He has already done in His Son.

All else, no matter how beautiful, don’t compare to knowing Christ.  And everything else, no matter how noble or important, means nothing without the life of God’s Spirit coursing through your veins.

The Word of God clearly reveals that God makes a VERY BIG DISTINCTION between His plans and ours.  So where will we place our trust?  Will we repent?  Because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Read the Gospel of John, chapter 1, verses 1-12. (In the Holy Bible).

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One thought on “God Has A Plan For You…”

  1. “The plans God has for you will involve difficulty, uncomfortable times and circumstance, obstacles, rejection, misunderstanding, persecution and maybe even death.”

    Another good word! I have tried my own plans and failed. I have taken to uttering the most dangerous, courageous, and life-changing prayer ever, “nevertheless, not my will, but Thy will be done” (Matthew 26:39) When I first prayed this prayer, I ended a relationship I shouldn’t have been in to begin with. When I next uttered this prayer, I found myself quitting my job and enrolling in Seminary. I know that when we relinquish our plans, will, and agenda, that we will find ourselves in the best possible position–the will of God. I would add to your statement from above that the plans of God for us also include peace (beyond measure), joy (unspeakable), purpose, and life (eternal)…even in the midst of the discomfort, etc.

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