If You Love Star Wars but Love God More…

Do You Love Star Wars, but Love God More?

Dick Staub’s book is Outstanding!
Dick Staub introduces a new term into the Christian Lexicon, through his book, Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters. The term ‘Jedi Christian’, in my opinion, seeks to recapture the aspect of Christianity that has been lost among the masses of a Popular and increasingly Technological Culture – that of awe, power and mysticism. The term becomes a lens by which we can view the truths of our Christian walk, and those truths are a lens by which we can view the world of the Jedi – making correlations and distinctions between fact and fiction, fantasy and reality and ultimate issues of eternal weights and measures – the prime issue being illuminated through aspects of Jedi lore… that the life of a genuine follower of Jesus Christ should be filled with awe, power and love. Then it is even in the mundane that miracles take place on a daily basis and when we encounter those situations and circumstances beyond human control… it is through Christ that we are no longer powerless.

Dick Staub calls us back to an authentic faith: one filled with Love, Power, Awe and a Sound Mind. And it is only through this vibrant relationship with Christ do we, as believers of The Way discover that we can truly be changed, impact society and the world in ways others cannot. The character Yoda, makes reference to the fact that we are not what we see, these crude bodies of flesh, but underneath we are beings of light. The person, Jesus, made it plain and yet mysterious when he stated the reality of our lives in him, ‘You are the light of the World.’

This is truly a challenging book which propels the serious reader – or rather draws upon the heart and mind of the serious reader – to delve into the ancient streams of wisdom and truth to discover the deeper meaning and purpose for living. And it is living from within this purpose that others will be drawn to the Light. I am at once humbled and proud to say that I am a Jedi Christian.

-Allen Paul Weaver III-

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