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Iron Man DVD is Here!

FINALLY! The Iron Man DVD is here! Just released today! I’ve been waiting for the DVD since Opening Day back in May. I’ve been savingmy changefor months andpicked it up on my lunch break. It helps when there’s a Bestbuy right across the street. 🙂 (Although it takes a lot of discipline to stay away from those un-necessary purchases. But I”m making it, thanks for asking.)

If you haven’t already sensed my excitement – I’m excited. (Trying to look serious in the photo, instead of grinning from ear to ear!) This has become my favorite Superhero movie to date. Excitement aside, there’s a lot of good scenes in the movie and you gotta love the Iron Man armor! At first, when I found out that Robert Downey Jr. was going to play Tony Stark, I was extremely upset. I couldn’t see him as the character. But once I saw the movie – he pulled it off very nicely.