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ComicCon Interview 2008

I had a chance to do an audio interview with my friend – Demetrius Veasy II – at the 2008 NY ComicCon Convention, back in April. Demetrius is the creator of the Lions 12 comic book series. I’ve added music and visuals to the interview, which you can watch below. Demetrius and his manager are the ones who ‘twisted my arm’ and forced me into My BIG PROJECT Challenge . 🙂


Hey Everybody,

Do you have one of those projects that you’ve been thinking about for a long time? Maybe you’ve been saying for years that you would get around to it and now it seems like forever? I remember a quote I read a while back, "Most people talk about their dreams, very few actually go out and do them."

I’ve got some projects that I’ve been holding onto for several years, but there’s one in particular that I’ve carried around with me for at least 10 years. I would always talk about it and even did some illustrations and technical schematics. But all I did was talk.

Well, back in April, a friend of mine finally called me on it! He looked at my illustrations and said, "Allen this is some good stuff! When are you going to do something with this?"