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At the beginning of 2016, I started G.P.S., a Motivational Series on Youtube and in February, I released my first mixtape, Pursuing Significance. Why did I do this? Because I love helping people pursue their purpose! Part of the reason is because I know how difficult it has been for me to discover and develop my talents and skill-sets in order to pursue the dreams that live within me!

As an author, speaker, filmmaker and interpersonal communications coach, I create experiences to help you overcome the fears in life that keep you paralyzed. Then you can turn obstacles into opportunities and move from where you are to where you need and want to be!

Everything I do here is to help you become the best you possible. Are you ready for the journey? Let’s go!

-Allen Paul Weaver III-

Helping Our Young Black Men-Part 3

Helping Our Young Black Men-Part 3

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I had the opportunity to meet a young black male over the weekend while I was in California at the 168 Hour Film Festival . His name was LaMar and he was 15 years old. What struck me immediately was that whenhis grandmother introduced us to one another, he looked me straight in the eyes, gave me a firm handshake and called me ‘Sir’. "Did he just call me, Sir?" When he did these things, I immediately thought to myself, "Now this young man has been given some real training."

A Positive Attitude…

It’s Time to Advance!

It’s time to advance in your life! I had the privilege of being on a conference call last week, with 41 other persons, hosted by Delatorro McNeal II . He’s the author of Caught Between a Dream and a Job . We all listened to an hour of his motivational teaching about pressing forward in our life’s pursuits – especially in this economy.

Delatorro shared many motivational principles, too numerous to list here, but here’s a few of them:

Getting to your destination in life requires you taking a journey. When you take a journey you need to know five things.

1. Your ‘here’. (Where you are.)

2. Your ‘there’. (Where your going.)

3. Your ‘vehicle’. (That thing you will use to get to your destination – starting a business, creating a product, etc…).

4. Your M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan.)

My Speedsuit Powers Novel

Just wanted to share the short synopsis for second book, my upcoming novel, SpeedSuit Powers – to be released in June. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


SpeedSuit Powers A Novel by Allen Paul Weaver III

Imagine moving from the suburbs to the inner city and colliding with a bully whos bigger than you, stronger than you and faster than you. What do you do?

Curtis Powers is living this life! Trying to pursue his dreams while avoiding his nemesis, Treyshawn Jinkins who seems to exist just to make his days miserable!

On the plus side, Curtis is smart and creative; but thats not going to stop the inevitable. Treyshawn is coming and Curtis has to do something or face the worst beat-down of his life!

NY Comic Con’09

I was blessed to be able to attend the NY Comic Con ’09 convention at the Jacob Javits Center, this past weekend February 6-8. It was an awesome time, with attendence in the thousands.

My primary reason for attending was to seek out artists and illustrators to work with me on my new book, SpeedSuit Powers. My secondary reason was because I love comic books. The outcome of the weekend proved to be extremely beneficial (despite my being physically exhausted from walking around for three days); providing contacts with artists, illustrators, writers, novelists and a noteable television personality. I even hired artist/illustrator Shawn Alleyne to drawn his version of the main character from my novel, based on my concept drawings. They came out great!


When I wasn’t networking or sitting in on panel discussions and performances, I walked around and observed my surroundings. Here are a few of my observations: