Do you want your group to excel? Allen provides interactive workshops designed to help move your people forward. He will come to your facilities and work with your staff, students, or members in a group setting, giving them the tools they need to enhance their communication skills and better pursue the professional and personal goals that are set before them.

*Depending on your needs and time requirements, each workshop can be customized and presented in the following formats: 60-90 minute Lectures, Half-Day Course (4 hours), 1 Day Course (6-7 hours), and 2 Day Course. 

**Number of Participants for workshops: Maximum of 50 on Day 1, Maximum of 20 on Day 2 for individual coaching* (Additional Day 1 participants are welcome to observe/audit Day 2)


Lead with Hospitality

Do you want to increase the quality of service in your organization, department, or with your students? This workshop equips your group to do just that. In business and life, nothing “moves the needle” with others as when you lead with genuine hospitality.

Allen shares the life and professional lessons he’s learned during his 8 years employed in the hospitality/retail/customer service industry for such companies as: Walt Disney World Inc., Universal Orlando Resort, Media Play, Macy’s, and the ABS Atrium in NYC.

Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills

More people in America would rather die instead of standing in front of a group to give a presentation! Allen can help you learn the strategies of public speaking so you can grow comfortable with speaking in front of an audience and present your ideas in a way that invites and commands your audience’s interest.

There is a Book in You

Allen believes everyone has at least one book inside of them. Do you feel you have a  book in you, but you are unsure of the process to bring it out to the world?  As the published author of 5 books, Allen is qualified to walk you through the process of moving from a writer to an author. In this master course, Allen shares his process with you to kickstart your author potential!

MOVE Your Destiny

What does it take to move your life forward? How do you prepare? What are the practical steps you need to execute? How do you deal with the obstacles which stand in your way?

Allen shares key information from his personal development book, “MOVE! Your Destiny is Waiting on You” so you can move from where you are to where you need and want to be.

Run Your Dreams (Teens/Youth)

What is the anatomy of a dream? How do you discover, develop and pursue it? What ‘Dreamkillers’ stand in your way? How do you avoid these pitfalls?

In this workshop, Allen shares learnings from his Speedsuit Powers Trilogy to help youth and teens pursue success and significance in life.


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