“I am a senior level manager who presents on a routine basis. Allen attended one of my work presentations to evaluate my effectiveness and identify key areas for improvement. Through his coaching, Allen provided me with great practical steps to improve my presentation delivery, increase connection with my audience and overall become a more effective communicator. His coaching has been invaluable. I highly recommend his services!” -Karina L., Director, Non-profit organization

Allen offers a *4 Hour Coaching Course and a *Platinum Coaching Program to help you enhance your public speaking skills! See below for more information.


*4 Hour Coaching Course:

If you have a message to share… whether it’s your personal story or a presentation at work, my 4 hour course, “Enhancing Your Public Speaking Skills” can help you communicate in a way that is increasingly effective and engaging.

It begins with a 2-stage assessment of your current presentation level and goals. During this stage you will actually present while I provide multi-tiered feedback.

Next, we create a customized strategic plan to tackle the issues you want to improve. Then we will work our way through key points from my training manual to help you get the results you need. (A/V recording is available to increase client learning and retention.)

Finally, you will have an opportunity to incorporate your learnings into your presentation as you present your message again. This will be followed up by a second multi-tiered assessment and determination of next steps for your success.

*Platinum Coaching Program:

There’s a reason why great teams and individuals need coaches. When you are determined to achieve a goal, a coach will push you, provide guidance and hold you accountable for the outcomes you desire. *Platinum Coaching will give you just that!

*Platinum Coaching is available for clients, in blocks of 3-6 months. This program is for those who want to go further than just preparing for an individual presentation. During this time, I will walk you through my advanced coaching curriculum, which includes in-depth readings and interpersonal communication exercises designed to help you overcome your speaking fears and present any information with confidence.

“If you are not comfortable with public speaking (or even if you are), you need to stop what you’re doing right now and sign up for Allen Weaver’s course, Enhancing Your Public Speaking Skills.” – Frank Gomez, Founder, First Contact

FACT: Whether we want to or not: we ALL communicate.

FACT: Communication is a two-way street.

FACT: In the U.S. more people are afraid of public speaking than they are of dying.

TRUTH: EVERYONE can improve their communication skills! Let me help you become your best Communicator.

“Whether it’s the art or the logistics of speaking, Allen’s experience will help take you to the next level!” – Beverly Cook, Executive Director, One Love Ministries


How do you view public speaking? When you close your eyes, are you passionately sharing your message while standing in front of a group of people? Or do you panic, as the blood drains from your face, your tongue turns to gravel, cold beads of sweat drip down your forehead and you run for the hills like you’re trying to escape the plague?

As a public speaker, I have experienced both situations. And I am still alive to talk about it! (smile).  Sharing a message with a group of individuals is a wonderful opportunity to speak into their lives. Unfortunately, many of us would rather die than speak in front of a group. But we can overcome this anxiety with consistent practice while working together! I can help you Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills so you can communicate in a way that is increasingly effective and engaging.

The truth is we all are communicators. The question is, “What are you saying?”

With me as your Communication Coach, you will be able to:

-Be more at ease and in touch with yourself as you speak.

-Turn your thoughts into solid content with key points and stories.

-Speak with increased passion, energy and confidence.

-Connect with your audience through genuine transparency.

-Use your body language to reinforce the message of your words.

I have developed a process to help you accomplish these things and more. Wherever you are on this spectrum, this opportunity might just be what you need. You can be a better communicator. Start investing in yourself today with Enhancing Your Public Speaking Skills!

“I am an attorney for a major consumer products company. Presentation skill is a critically important competency in Corporate America. Through the coaching and feedback from Allen Paul Weaver, III, I have been able to become more comfortable and confident and bring more energy to my presentations.

Allen has a true passion for public speaking and compassion for those who want and need to improve their communication skills. If you are considering securing a Speaking Coach, Allen is who you want.” - Brigette M., Corporate Attorney



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