A Barbarian’s Call!


 Cover Image“The Greatest enemy to the movement of Jesus Christ is Christianity.” – Erwin McManus, author of The Barbarian Way

What comes to your mind when you hear the term Barbarian?  Erwin McManus confronts those of us who have fallen into the seemingly sweet sleep of laxity and “niceness” with a re-imagined image of a person empowered by the Spirit of God, that harks back to a biblical view of what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. 

48 Days to Changing Your Life


 Cover ImageYou might as well give this book a subtitle: 48 Days to Change Your Life!  48 Days to the Work You Love (by Dan Miller) is a book that is about living from a focus on ”Being” rather than solely on the concentration of “Doing.”  Why 48 days instead of any other number?  Good question.  You’ll have to read the book for the answer!

In a society that places extreme interest on “doing” and “image”, 48 Days is a much welcomed and needed breath of fresh air.  The statistics are staggering of how many people work jobs that they hate, while the dreams that burn within them slowly die from smothered nonexpression.  Dan Miller does a wonderful job at looking at “Work” from a wholistic and historic perspective as well as bringing in practical measures for achieving success in our day to day working lives, whether it be a job, a career, or a vocation.

An EPIC Journey

 Cover Image“Things are not what they seem.  We are at war.  We each have a part to play.” – From the book EPIC, by John Eldredge

 John Eldredge is one of my favorite authors because he just seems to capture the deep desires that live within the heart of humanity… and brings them to the feet of the One with the deepest heart and the deepest dreams for all of us… God.  For everyone who feels as if their life is just a mundane happening of nothing extraordinary day in and day out – I would recommend you read this book.  The author and I concur with the belief that every human being on this planet longs to be a part of something greater than ourselves.  And I agree with the author when he begins to describe what the greater reality of our existence is made of.

Paulo Coelho Captures the Heart in his book: the Alchemist

     Cover ImagePaulo Coelho Captures the Heart in his book: The Alchemist
    A young boy with a dream… an adventure that is his to explore – along the way encountering mystery, foes, allies, obstacles and challenges that lend to the growth of greatness within him. Different lines of thought which weave into a marvelous story of increasing awe and wonder about our lives, the world, the universe and the God who created it all. In reading this book I discovered that I was not only this boy, but also parts of all the main and supporting characters who were at different stages in either discovering or denying their own Personal Legend. Coelho captured the yearning of my heart, which desires to deliberately take this journey through life, breaking through the barriers and becoming more than I perceive myself to be. An excellent literary work that everyone should read to gain insight into their own lives.  


“Risk and Opportunity”

 ”Sometimes the scariest risks can be the greatest opportunities.”

So I’m walking down a street in Manhattan and run into a major moviestar sitting on a park bench.  I’m in awe for two reasons: 1) he’s sitting right in front of me.  2)my wife and I saw him at the airport back in August.  I was too afraid to ask for his autograph and too absent minded to give him a copy of my book I had just published.  Talk about regret.

So here I was a second time, standing in front of the same actor, with a big camera hanging around my neck.  I wanted to take a picture – I mean who wouldn’t – but at that moment it just didn’t feel right.  I felt like if I did, I’d be like the paparazi – as my friend Andrew Seltz said, ”they don’t add anything to the celebrity’s life.  They’re like parasites, hijacking a person’s fame for a dollar.”  So I asked to shake his hand and said “God bless you.”  He seemed to appreciate my gesture.  That mental image is worth more than a digital photograph on my screensaver.