Wakanda Forever: Part 2

Wakanda Forever: Part 2 – Black Is Beautiful


Click here to read Part 1 of my multi-part Black Panther Movie Review. More to share in the coming weeks!


And so it hits me as I’m watching #BlackPanther for the 2nd time on opening day. Sitting in a packed theater with friends & people of all ethnicities, watching T’Challa and Nakia sit on the side of a mountain. They are sharing intimately about a subject matter that’s usually reserved for white characters. At that moment, they both became more beautiful to me. The entire movie became more beautiful to me with its vast array of ebony characters. Africa became more beautiful.

Wakanda Forever: Part 1

Wakanda Forever: Part 1 – What Our Generation Needs


Black Panther is the movie that our generation needs right now. It is a movie of historic proportions.  I am not going to give away any spoilers in this review. But before I get into the film, let me share an experience:


In 2003 I visited Ghana, West Africa.  Actually, it was my very first time on the continent and when my feet left the airplane steps and touched African soil, I suddenly had a feeling I couldn’t explain… I was “home.” How could I feel “home” in a place I had never physically visited before? I still don’t know how to explain it. Perhaps there’s something in the collective consciousness of a people who were stripped from their motherland. But, while sitting in the theater watching Black Panther, there were scenes which caused me to have a feeling very similar to that first visit to Ghana.

If My People


18 school shootings in less than two months… 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida. Within the past month in my community, a 16 year old girl was stabbed to death by another 16 year old girl. And a boy was stabbed by another boy. Just months ago, an 81 year old man was killed by another over a drink.

We hear constantly about the loss of life and the lower value placed on human life. Everyday people are attacked, assaulted and killed by thieves, thugs and even corrupt police officers. Many of us are afraid. Everyone is asking, “What is going on with the world? What is going on with our youth? What is going on in our communities?”


There is a Bible verse which comes to mind as we try to seek answers. Here is what God says in 2 Chronicles 7: 14-15:

Do Something Old

Water Drop

It’s 2018. We are almost two months into the new year. And many of us have new things we want to get done. Well, here’s something “New” you can do to help you successfully reach your goals:


That’s right. We are always looking forward and trying to do new things and often we do so while neglecting old things. There are things in our recent (and distant) past which we have left undone. Before we can truly move forward into “new” things, we need to take the time to complete the old things which we have deliberately or accidentally left undone.

Birth of the Dragon: My Review of the Movie

birth_of_the_dragonThe new movie entitled, Birth of the Dragon, released today. I know there has been a bit of controversy between the filmmakers and Linda and Shannon Lee over the portrayal of Bruce. I must admit, I was a bit troubled by the first trailer of the film which seemed to focus on a supporting character, who was caucasian, rather than on Bruce Lee.

But I was still excited because it’s been years since a “Bruce Lee movie” had been made. (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, 1993 – which I really enjoyed).

So, as fan/admirer of Bruce Lee, I decided to go see Birth of the Dragon so I could make up my own mind, rather than merely listening to the critics. Here is the movie’s synopsis:

It’s Just Me

My Greatest Struggle 1

It’s just me…  LORD willing, I will turn 43 this year. And while I have been able to have a number of accomplishments behind my name, lately none of those things have mattered much. Perhaps, it’s a new phase I’m entering due to my age, which has necessitated a re-structuring of the priorities in my life. But I came to the conclusion a month-or-so ago that part of my identity was wrapped up in my accomplishments… and yes… even in my failures.

Sure, there are still things on my Bucket List I would love to do before I die; but part of me was becoming frustrated because they have yet to happen. There are cities and countries I want to visit, people I want to meet and things I want to create! But I realized it is not good to get wrapped up in the unseen future of what could be. Nor is it good to be wrapped up in ‘romanticizing’ what was. To do both or either is to live  at the expense of What Is.

What Keeps You From Running?

As Co-Pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church of New Rochelle, I have the opportunity to preach every month. On January 8, 2017, my message was entitled, “What Keeps You From Running?” The text came from Hebrews 12: 1-3.

It snowed the night of January 7th. So, attendance was less than usual on January 8th.  After preaching, I felt this particular message needed to be shared, not only with the larger congregation, but also with Christ-Followers everywhere.

To my surprise, without my asking beforehand, the sermon had been videotaped! If you desire to grow in your walk with Jesus Christ, then this message is for you.

YouTube Preview Image