“Can I be honest? Writing a book can be such a daunting task. It is for me every time I do, but the truth is that writing a great book is not impossible once you know the process. Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, the process can actually become an enjoyable adventure!” – Allen Paul Weaver III

As a Writer-to-Author Coach, Allen offers two services to help you reach your author dreams. The first is a *4 hour Master Class. The second is  *Platinum Coaching. See below to learn more.

*4 Hour Writer-to-Author Master Class:

(Available for individual and group sessions.)


Do you have dreams of becoming a published author? Have you started a manuscript or have an idea for one? Do you know the steps you need to take to make your dream a reality? Your book will not write itself! To be successful in writing your book, you need a strategy.

Allen is now offering a 4 hour Writer-to-Author Master Class! In this class, he shares the hard-earned steps he discovered in order to move from a writer to becoming an author!


-Learn the steps Allen took to write and publish five books.

-Discuss writing stumbling blocks and find solutions to maximize your writing potential.

-Discover key writing tips (grammar, punctuation, show – don’t tell) to help you communicate in a clear way that engages your readers.

-Engage in writing sessions and receive feedback as you write.

-Receive a follow up consultation which outlines your next steps and future goals.

I believe every person has at least one book in them. Many have more than one. – Allen Paul Weaver III 

At the very least, you have your life story that can be shared. And the process of compiling that story into a book brings about growth in you, as a writer, as well as provide insight for the reader (even if it’s just family and friends). But how do you successfully take this journey of moving from a writer to an author? Jumpstart your success by taking this 4 Hour Master Class!

Contact Allen below for further information on how to begin the process.



*WRITER-to-AUTHOR - Platinum Coaching:

3 to 12 Months. One-on-One and/or Group Sessions:

There’s a reason why great teams and individuals need coaches. When you are determined to achieve a goal, a coach will push you, provide guidance and hold you accountable for the outcomes you desire. *Platinum Coaching will give you just that!

Writing a book can be a LONG process. As a published author of five books, Allen is qualified to walk you through this process to transform your manuscript into a published literary work!

-Do you have a story idea or manuscript that you are working on? 

-Do you need assistance with story development, organizational structure, copy editing, design and layout?

-Do you know how to market your book once it’s complete?

-Have you developed a book creation timeline with associated deadlines and milestones?

Allen will assist you with these and more as he coaches you at regular intervals over 3 to 12 months through every stage of manuscript development to help you complete your book and launch it to the world!

Secure Allen as your Platinum Coach and one day soon your dream could be reality! 



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-Allen Paul Weaver III-

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