Allen’s Short Bio

AllenAnnouncerVEX_1000Allen Paul Weaver III holds a BA degree in Mass/Speech Communications and a MDiv degree in Theology. He is an author, speaker, filmmaker and interpersonal communications coach.

Allen brings 30+ years of personal and professional experience into focus with his skills, gifts and talents, as he works to inspire, motivate and educate audiences of all ages. He loves helping others move towards their purpose and believes everyone has at least one book in them!

Allen is the author of the Speedsuit Powers Trilogy (YA Fiction). In 2012, he adapted Book 1 of his trilogy into a live action, independent film entitled, Speedsuit. He has published two other books (Transition and MOVE! Your Destiny is Waiting on You) and is currently working on five additional manuscripts. His video production work has taken him across the United States, to Europe, China and 7 African countries.

In his downtime, Allen enjoys drawing, watching movies, reading comic books and vertical wind tunnel flying. He lives in New York with his wonderful wife and amazing son.

His core message to all: “MOVE! Your Destiny is Waiting on You.”



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