Wakanda Forever: Part 2

Wakanda Forever: Part 2 – Black Is Beautiful


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And so it hits me as I’m watching #BlackPanther for the 2nd time on opening day. Sitting in a packed theater with friends & people of all ethnicities, watching T’Challa and Nakia sit on the side of a mountain. They are sharing intimately about a subject matter that’s usually reserved for white characters. At that moment, they both became more beautiful to me. The entire movie became more beautiful to me with its vast array of ebony characters. Africa became more beautiful.

And I thought, in a sense, there I was on the screen… there all black people were on the screen… beautiful, strong, capable and celebrated in a way rarely experienced in mainstream media. I know it’s just a movie, but a movie has the potential to impact the viewer at a deep level and can help open a person up to possibilities they never thought were real and available. A movie can help shift a person’s focus in life, thereby changing the trajectory of their existence. It’s all about the story and how it is told.

This #BlackPantherMovie has done this. And the outcome is truly yet to be known. Thank you Marvel Studios for giving us this story. Thank you director, cast and crew for making this story. This movie goes beyond entertainment. #WakandaForever

Over the coming weeks, I will be addressing many themes and scenes presented in the film. I hope you come along for the journey. And feel free to share your thoughts.

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-Allen Paul Weaver III-

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