Speedsuit Powers Trilogy: Books 1 and 2. Available on Amazon.com

Speedsuit Powers Books 1 and 2

Speedsuit Powers Trilogy: Books 1 and 2. Available on Amazon.com

Speedsuit Powers Trilogy: Books 1 and 2. Available on Amazon.com






If you are looking for a great story to read… look no further. Books 1 and 2 of the SPEEDSUIT POWERS TRILOGY are currently available on Amazon.com. Read the description below. Book 3 will release April 2016.


This trilogy is a character-driven epic urban adventure story with a super-heroic element. It follows Curtis Powers (protagonist) and Treyshawn Jinkins (antagonist) as they try to navigate life without their fathers. Curtis’ dad is deceased. Treyshawn’s father is in prison. Though the boys start out as enemies, they eventually become friends. It is the power of their friendship that helps them accomplish more than they ever could achieve alone.

The three books cover their journey to manhood – as they progress from 9th grade through college – and examines what it means to overcome tragic events and tough situations in order to become a person of significance.

The story has additional plot lines as Curtis and Treyshawn interact with other memorable characters who are on their own journeys. There is also a super-heroic element, due to the fact that Curtis is a science prodigy who uses his intellect to create a series of “PowerSuits” which inspire entire communities around the world.


This story address a number of critical issues affecting our youth: school bullying, fatherlessness, conflict resolution, decision-making, talent and skill-set development and faith. This trilogy has it all: drama, action, comedy, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), mystery, romance and intrigue.


I created SPEEDSUIT POWERS to inspire urban middle school youth with the wonder and joy of “possibility thinking.” This story has exceeded this initial target audience, resonating with elementary school kids, middle and high school, college students, young adults, parents and grandparents. It has also been favorably received across multiple ethnic groups.

If you love reading great stories,  then SPEEDSUIT POWERS is for you! If you know someone who loves a good book, then let them know about this trilogy and/or purchase copies for them. You can get copies today at Amazon.com.


I also am available to speak on the issues addressed in this story, as well as present workshops on the creative aspects of writing, authoring, and publishing the trilogy. (I believe everyone has at least one book in them.) You can contact me below for more information.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post!

-Allen Paul Weaver III-

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