Iron Man DVD is Here!

FINALLY!  The Iron Man DVD is here!  Just released today!  I’ve been waiting for the DVD since Opening Day back in May.  I’ve been saving my change for months and picked it up on my lunch break.  It helps when there’s a Bestbuy right across the street. 🙂 (Although it takes a lot of discipline to stay away from those un-necessary purchases.  But I”m making it, thanks for asking.)

If you haven’t already sensed my excitement – I’m excited.  (Trying to look serious in the photo, instead of grinning from ear to ear!)  This has become my favorite Superhero movie to date.  Excitement aside, there’s a lot of good scenes in the movie and you gotta love the Iron Man armor!  At first, when I found out that Robert Downey Jr. was going to play Tony Stark, I was extremely upset.  I couldn’t see him as the character.  But once I saw the movie – he pulled it off very nicely.

I love the movie for a number of reasons.  Two of my top ones are these:

1. It’s a faithful telling from the comic book.  I grew up reading Iron Man comics and this movie does a great job at bringing his story to the big screen.  I have to make mention of this for a very serious reason.  I love flying. 

Back around 1997, the movie Steel was released, which was based off of the DC character Steel (John Henry Irons, a brilliant African-American engineer who develops a suit of flying armor to fight crime after the Superman’s Death battling Doomsday.)  Steels armor incorporated Jets in his boots, which enabled him to fly.  When the movie came out, starring Shaq, they got rid of the jet boots and gave Steel a motorcycle.  I was very dissapointed.   But the Iron Man movie didn’t stray away from this crucial aspect  of the story.  As a guy who loves almost anything that flies and has dreamed of flying since I was four years old… I am grateful the producers of Iron Man were faithful to this.

2.  It’s a story about redemption, choices, destiny and purpose.  There are many life lessons that can be learned from this movie.  And these issues struck my heart as I watched the movie.  Let’s face it, Tony Stark has some serious character flaws – he’s prideful, a womanizer, rebells against authority, an alcoholic – but this story illustrates what can happen when a self-absorbed person is forcefully thrust into a world larger than themselves… the opportunity is ripe to make a choice that changes your life forever, in the right direction.

Before Tony’s tragedy, we see a man chasing after all of the trappings of success that don’t ultimately satisfy.  After Tony’s crisis, he becomes more humbled, focused and infused with a sense of purpose that wasn’t there before… a purpose much larger than himself and making money.  He truly begins to take responsibility for his life.

Is Tony Stark perfect?  Far from it.  But he’s now on the road towards a different path.  He’s now in a “process” of transformation.  There’s still a ton of things that need to change in his heart and mind… but the change begins.  We all have our character flaws.  We all need to change and grow.  We will all face a series of tough situations that challenge our preconceived notions about the nature of life.

My Lens

As a Christian, I look at this movie through a lens that relates the major themes back to God and the Bible.   In the movie, Tony realizes that he should have been dead.  But somehow he’s alive… and it must be for a reason.  We’ve all had those “somehow” moments where something terrible should have happened to us, where we should have died, but are still alive.  For me it was a suicide attempt over 14 years ago.  For you it’s something else.  But that Somehow… I attribute to the intervention of God.  Ultimately, no matter how brilliant or powerful we may be, we can’t save ourselves.  We need a Savior.

So, I’m excited that I now have a copy of the best Superhero movie ever! (In my opinion) :-) I look forward to getting home and watching all of the behind the scenes and the movie -flying vicariously through Tony Stark aka. Iron Man.  I also look forward to delving into the deeper themes this story presents ( friendship, loyalty, betrayal, choices, responsibility, redemption, purpose, destiny…) and seeing how it intersects with the Word of God and the everyday life we all experience.

More of my thoughts at a later date.  Make sure you check this movie out.  It’s a keeper.

-Allen Paul Weaver III-

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