Do Something Different Today…

Do Something Different today.  It is said that we are creatures of habit.  We have our routines which we do day in and day out: 6:45am wake up.  8:00am catch bus…  and on and on and on…  You know the routine, wake up, go to work, come home, eat, watch television and go to sleep… just to wake up to the same a few hours later.

Water Drop

You get the picture.  Have you ever felt moments of quiet desperation? You don’t feel ALIVE, but only merely existing.  Usually it comes when you feel “stuck” and options to change and transform your life don’t seem available. I was reading an article by my colleague, Andrew Seltz, stating that we should re-think the tools we have.  Re-thinking is an excellent idea, but often hard to do when we feel “stuck.”

So do something different today!  Go a different route to work.  If you usually wear subdued colors – wear something loud!  If you’re walking in the city and waiting at a light in a crowd and there’s an empty bench nearby – stand on it and get a different view. (Just make sure you don’t fall into the street.)  If you watch a ton of TV, turn it off today and pick up a book.

Me?  It was a beautiful sunny morning, so I took a different way to work today – opting to walk 10 blocks rather than take the subway all the way in – all the while singing (OUT LOUD) the song God Speaking by Mandisa on my IPOD.

When we do things over and over again, our neural pathways configure in certain patterns. These patterns are not easily broken and are a contributing factor to our way of thinking. However, doing something different on a consistent basis helps us open our thought process and enables us to begin to see our situations in life differently…leading to change and growth. 

Haven’t we noticed the change in our thinking when we journey into a new environment that’s inviting?  (Like taking a walk through nature, feeling the sand between our toes and hearing the crashing waves of the ocean, climbing to the top of a mountain to see what many never do, or lying under the silent expanse of the star-filled night sky…)  Why do we take a walk to “clear our head?”  Because we need to do something different and a change of environment is helpful in many ways.

So be deliberate! Do something different today and begin taking the first steps in the journey to truly being ALIVE!

-Allen Paul Weaver III-  

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